nick that voice

nick dutton - voiceover artist

About Me

My main aim is to create whatever sound fits your brief.  

My speciality is "vocal variety."  If voices sit on one level, an audience is never engaged.  (However, I always stick to the truth of the text and don't make sounds for the sake of it.)

I love working with people who know what they want.  I am also strong in helping those who  are not so sure what they require.  I will try lots of different things and can give script advice where necessary. 

I have been asked to voice things in green and red and lilac!  I have also been told "this needs to be happy" and "this needs to be sad."  However you word it, I'll give it a bash and hopefully we'll come to the ultimate optimum sound.   

If you're not sure if I can do it, try me!   I'll give it a go...probably...and within reason!  The crazier, the better!

Check out my tracks on the Examples of Work page.  If you like a particular sound or style, please let me know.  The more information, the better!

Please feel free to contact me and leave a number with good times to call.  Outline the nature of your project.  I can then call you and you can hear me!

Happy listening!